Peqpez (Caterina Antonopoulou) has been an adjunct lecturer at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) during the years 2011 – 2012. She was teaching development of interactive artworks at the “Master in Digital Arts” of ASFA and the postgraduate “Multimedia, Hypermedia & VideoArt lab”.

Other lectures at universities include a series of lectures on interactive multimedia at the “Master in Informatics” of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens & the University of Limoges (2010-2011) and a series of lectures at the “Master in Architecture & Spatial design / Division: “Research in Architecture: Architectural Design – Space – Culture” of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (2012-2017).

She participated as a teaching associate at the Erasmus Intensive Program “Research and collaborative artistic creation in multi-user virtual worlds” on behalf of the Athens School of Fine Arts, at the University Paris 8 (2011) and at the Delphi Annex of ASFA (2010)

She has been instructor of several workshops for adults and children in the intersection of art and technology. Some of the recent workshops are listed below.


Arduino Workshop
An introduction to Arduino workshop @ at the master in “Architecture – Spatial design // Division: “Research in Architecture: Architectural Design – Space – Culture” of Athens School of Architecture.

Tutor: Caterina Antonopoulou
When: : 29 January, 2018
Where: Athens School of Architecture

Workshop: Stop-motion animation for children

Introduction to stop-motion animation for children (6-12 years old) @ Kinono art gathering, Tinos island

Instructors: Caterina Antonopoulou & Marianna Kollyri
When: 25 August 2017, 11:00
Where: Chora, Tinos island, Greece



Workshop: Interactive visuals // arduino + processing + 3D printing

Learn Arduino and Processing basics, explore how Arduino platform communicates with Processing, prototype with a 3D Printer, combine all three of them in order to create one group interactive project with a physical structure and interactive visuals.

Tutors: Caterina Antonopoulou, Marilena Georgantzi, Nota Tsekoura
When: 26th Feb – 07th Mar 2015
Where: SpaceUnder, Athens

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Ιnteractive Art Workshop for children by B-planet 

B-planet organize a workshop on interactive art for the students of the primary school of Kimolos island. The workshop is organized in collaboration with Agoni Grammi Gonimi ( under the  auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education.

  • Tutors: Caterina Antonopoulou, Minas Maravellias
  • Where: Primary School of Kimolos island
  • When: January – May 2015

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Workshop: Kinect / webcams & Processing

Interactive installations & performances using computer vision

The workshop is addressed to artists or developers who wish to add interactivity to their projects using cameras or the Kinect sensor. Through computer vision techniques, parameters of the environment (such as human motion) can be detected and used to create interaction in real time.

Instructor: Caterina Antonopoulou
When: 12/05/2014-20/05/2014
Where: Frown Tails, Athens

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Workshop: Interactive interfaces using Arduino

During the workshop, found objects of the Arcade of Merchants will be transformed into interfaces of an interactive installation using the Arduino Board and multiple sensors.
The interactive objects created during the workshop will be used to activate in real time an audiovisual installation.

Instructor: Caterina Antonopoulou
When: 16/05/2014
Where: Arcade of Merchants, Voulis 8-10, Athens

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Workshop “Introduction to interactive artworks”

tafIn the context of the group exhibition “Things”, a workshop on interactive artworks will take place at the The Art Foundation on May 5th. During the workshop will be presented a series of interactive interfaces ranging from computer vision interfaces (e.g cameras) to sensors and electronic prototyping platforms (e.g arduino). We will discuss the opportunities offered by such interfaces to embed interactive functionality into everyday objects.

Instructors: Caterina Antonopoulou, Daphne Polyzos

Where: TAF / The Art Foundation, Normanou 5, Athina 105 55
When: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 @ 13.00