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I perceive my artistic practice as an open, dynamic process that explores everyday practices and social interactions through the creative-critical-ludic-ironic appropriation of technology. My work includes processes of post-production of common objects and repurposing of narrative fragments (from archives, memories, interviews, internet sources). The objects are augmented with technologies and their official use is hacked, while the narrative fragments are recomposed to articulate new plural narratives. My artworks are hybrid (physical/digital) and draw inspiration from subjects such as everyday life, political actuality, technological mediation of social interactions and personal/collective (hi)stories. The openness of my artworks refers to all stages of the creative process, including DIY/DIWO practices, use of opensource tools, free sharing of knowledge, and community engagement. My artistic practice feeds my research, which investigates critical and tactical uses of augmented common objects in the intersection of art and everyday life.


Caterina Antonopoulou (a.k.a peqpez) is an engineer, a new media artist, and researcher. Her artistic practice combines interactive installations and performances, D.I.Y. augmented objects, real-time audiovisual generation, algorithmic video, and urban interventions.
She is an invited lecturer at the Athens School of Architecture and she was an adjunct lecturer of interactive art at the Master in Digital Arts and the Multimedia, Hypermedia & VideoArt Lab of Athens School of Fine Arts (2011-2012). Moreover, she is the instructor of several lectures and workshops, including lectures at the National Technical University of Athens and the Technical Educational Institute of Athens.
Caterina co-curated the 11th and 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival. Moreover, she is a co-founder of the art and technology collective ‘Once upon a Byte’ based in Barcelona, and the B-planet creative workshop for children.
She currently pursues a Ph.D. on new media art at the School of Social Sciences of the University of the Aegean. Her professional collaborations include research labs and artistic groups such as the research institute ‘CTI Diophantus’, the Image, Video & Multimedia Systems Lab of the National Technical University of Athens, the Phonos Foundation of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, the Center for Research & Technology Hellas, the Multimedia, Hypermedia & VideoArt Lab of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the group amorphy.org.
Caterina holds a master degree in Digital Arts from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (2009) and a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (2006). Her work has been exhibited at numerous festivals and venues, while her research work has been presented at international conferences.