‘Once Upon A Byte’ Art & Technology collective


PeqPez is co-founder of ‘Once Upon A Byte’ collective based in Barcelona. ‘Once Upon a Byte’ is an art & technology international collective of audiovisual artists, sculptors, musicians, engineers, architects and designers. Its members met in 2008 in Barcelona and have been working together on interdisciplinary artistic projects including algorithmic video & music, reactive sculptures, live acts, interactive installations & performances and public space interventions.

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Athens Digital Arts Festival


PeqPez is member of the curatorial team of Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF).

ADAF is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Digital Arts Festival aims to encourage, stimulate and promote all aspects of digital creativity by hosting local as well as international artists and communities.

Through its multidisciplinary program Athens Digital Arts Festival offers a wide range of Exhibitions, Screenings, Live Performances, Workshops and International Tributes showcasing artworks that display distinctive characteristics of the digital medium and reflect on its language and aesthetics.

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Collaborating with Medea Electronique Collective Members and Koumaria 2014 residents during October and November of 2014 at Sellasia, Sparta and Athens.

The results of the collaboration will be presented at the old olive processing plant of Sellasia, Sparta, October 2014 and the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, October 2014

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Collaboration with for the development of an in-situ audiovisual installation presented at the Athens & Epidavrus Festival 2014 as a parallel activity of the ‘Memorandum’ performance.

Memorandum is an ongoing multi-media and performing arts project by, based on the concepts of history, memory and the image. This on-the-move project comprises of performances, installations, labs, workshops, artists residencies and archival research. It started in the beginning of 2012 and it is planned to end in 2014.
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Participating at the 1st phase of “Traces of Commerce” .

Traces of Commerce is an initiative aiming to restore a state of activity of a dead zone of Athens, Stoa Emporon (Gallery of Merchants) which remained stagnant, with its small shops empty of any commercial activities for more than a decade. The vision of the initiative is the re-birth of this symbolic public space through the establishment of a platform with interdisciplinary synergies that opens up to the city.
Traces Of Commerce initiative first begun in May 2014 hosting twelve diverse creative collaborations who generated an environment of participatory activities with the engagement of local community agents.

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‘B-planet’ interactive creative workshop for children


PeqPez is co-founder of B-planet interactive workshop for children. “B-planet” consists of an interdisciplinary group of professionals organizing creative workshops for children. The workshops combine creative writing, drawing, sculpture, animation, theater and new interactive technologies. They are customized according the ages and interests of the participants and they have taken place in various public and private schools.

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Caterina Antonopoulou participated in the development of the project “Digital School Platform, Interactive Books, and Learning Object Repository”, co-financed by the European Union (ESF) and National funds and implemented by the Computer Technology and Press Institute “Diophantus’ (, in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. She worked as a senior computer engineer and web designer/developer. She was the lead GUI designer and developer of Photodentro – the Greek National Aggregator of Educational Content and the ‘Photodentro’ ecosystem of digital repositories of educational content for primary and secondary education.

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mus0Virtual museum has been developed by Caterina Antonopoulou in collaboration with the Image Video & Multimedia Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. Virtual museum is a 3D space, that offers users the opportunity to visit virtually a museum of contemporary art. The user can navigate in the virtual space, visit the exhibitions of the museum, and dynamically retrieve information about the exhibits. The process of the implementation required the design of the objects and the building structures placed in the virtual world, the design of the environment of the virtual world, the modeling of the characters and their animation, the construction of interfaces that allow the communication between the user and the application, as well as the programming of the application that determines the characters and the objects’ behaviour in the virtual world.

Modeling: 3D studio Max, // Animation: CaracterFX
Programming: Torque Game Engine.

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delphus3Participation in the development of Delphus 3 platform on behalf of the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Delphus 3 is a dynamic, collaborative platform that creates a virtual space of interconnected conceptual objects.
It has been developed in the scope of 2 Erasmus Intensive Programmes (IP), that took place in Delphi, Greece (July 2009 & 2010)

The virtual space reflects
-the traces of our thoughts, feelings, ideas and our human connections
-our perception of the mythical space of Delphi through bidirectional transitions from real to virtual space

Delphus 3 platform will be subject to further research, regarding knowledge-based aesthetics.
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adapted projection Participation in the development of the project Adapted Projections by Guillermo Casado during the Hello World! workshop of MediaLab Prado (Madrid)
The project consists of the development of a tool that permits real-time projection mapping of images, videos, animations, etc. The software permits to control the position, the shape, as well as the content of the projections. It can be used as a tool of augmented performances to transform dynamically the objects of a scene.
The project has been selected by Medialab Prado to participate at the Hello World! platform for creative application of new technologies in perfomative arts.

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kapoia stigmiInteraction design & development of the project ‘A moment’ by Marianna Kolyri.
A kinetic sculpture made of discarded materials starts breathing when the viewer steps close to it.
The interactive interface has been developed with Arduino.
Group exhibition ‘Things’ at The Art Foundation
Group exhibition ‘transhFORMATION’ at the National Museum of Contemporary Art

deconstructionParticipation in the creation of a series of video and animation works including the following:

Black and White:
The distance of the moon:
QUAD: Real-time generated animation, simulating the instructions written by Samuel Beckett for the theatrical play ‘Quad’.