Prefalll135 is an interactive installation that uses the kinetic energy of falling water to generate real-time visuals and sound. It consists of a tangible user interface of watermills and taps, which enables users to control the water’s flow. The angular velocity of each watermill is mapped to parameters of the audiovisual system, permitting the users to create dynamically their own collaborative or solo audiovisual composition

The Prefalll135 project consisted of the design & development of the installation and a series of related activities including exhibitions, workshops, residencies and research activity on the areas of tangible, embedded and physical interaction and real-time audiovisual generation.
In collaboration with Javier Chavarri & Rodrigo Carvalho



  • Arduino Day #14, Frown Tails. Athens, March 2014 (video documentation)
  • Sónar, 19th International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. Barcelona, June 2012
  • ‘Fabra i Coats’ Art Factory. Barcelona, April 2012
  • Pavilion of Knowledge – Live Science. Lisbon, Portugal, February 2012
  • ‘Creative algorithms’ Group Exhibition. Lisbon, Portugal, October 2011


  • Grand of audiovisual arts, Phonos Foundation [Barcelona 2010]
  • Support of Live Science-National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture of [Lisboa 2012]


  • xCoAx2016 – 4th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. Presentation of the paper: “Prefalll135: An interactive tangible installation for audiovisual composition”. Bergamo, Italy, July 2016.
  • Arduino Day #14, Frown Tails.Talk: “Using Arduino to build Prefalll135 interactive installation”. Athens, March 2014.
  • ZZZINC Cultural Research & Innovation. Presentation of Prefalll135 at the 5th openFrameworks developers meeting. Barcelona, November 2012.

Credits: MSAFluids library by:: Mehmet Akten // Pond by:: William Ngan

Software: OpenFrameworks, PureData
Hardware: Arduino




installation set-up scheme


custom rotary sensor (circuit and set-up scheme)

Schemes from “Prefalll135: An interactive tangible installation for audiovisual composition”, in Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X.