ec(h)o garden

Ec(h)o Garden // interactive installation, 2018

mixed media (plants, custom electronics, loudspeakers)


The interactive installation Ec(h)o Garden is part of the project ‘Sykia’ Garden (garden of the fig trees) created in collaboration with the team of Kinono Art Gathering on the island of Tinos. The plants of the Ec(h)o Garden resonate Tinian soundscapes, when touched by the visitors.  A rain at Volax village, the waters of Katapoliani fountains, the sea of Stavros beach, birds at Falatdos village, insects at a cave next to Isternia village and sounds from a religious litany in Chora of Tinos are some of the soundscapes that the visitor can discover by touching the plants. Echo garden consists mostly of basil and mint herbs, plants which invite passersby to touch them and scatter their leaves, in order to free their smell.

The garden of the fig trees is the first practical creation of a garden of Kinono, found in the area of Pallada, Karolos Vidalis street (Chora of Tinos island, Greece). Through the ruins of an 18th century flour mill, a peculiar, impromptu patio has occurred, where climbing plants, different varieties of flowers, hedges and cacti are gradually cultivated, framing the preexisting fig trees. This garden -a work in progress- is constantly being developing throughout the Kinono, providing a communal space for socialization, meditation and play.

The installation includes fragments of field recordings recorded by the students of the department of musical studies of the University of Athens during a workshop – supervised by the professor department of musical studies of the University of Athens – in the context of Kinono Tinos Art Gathering.


Kinono Art Gathering. Chora, Tinos island. August 2018


Concept, installation design, and development: peqpez

Garden: Christos Artemis, Kinono Art Gathering (

Sound recordings: Students of the department of musical studies of the University of Athens (workshop supervisor: Anastasia Georgaki)

The interactive plants of Ec(h)o Garden


In the garden of the fig trees