A dancing improvisation piece inside a reactive environment. The piece has been presented both as a performance (Onassis Cultural Centre. Athens, October 2014 & Quasi Studio. Athens, February 2013) as well as an interactive installation (Athens Video Dance Project. Athens, February 2014). A Kinect sensor captures the movement of the performer or the audience and the software generates real-time graphics reacting to the body movement.

interaction design & development: peqpez
dancing: react#1: Eirini Tsimpragou // react#2: Kiki Deuteraiou & Eirini Tsimpragou // react#3: Katerina Toumpa
music: react#1: ‘temazcal’ by Javier Alvarez from a compilation of Kostis Konstantopoulos // react#2: ‘prime ordinals’ by Jim Casella from a compilation of Kostis Konstantopoulos // react#3: live music improvisation by Ellen Waterman, Manolis Manousakis

react#3: Onassis Cultural Centre. Athens, October 2014
react#2: Athens Video Dance Project, Athens School of Fine Arts. Athens, February 2014
react#1: “3+1 nights of improvisation”, Quasi Studio. Athens, February 2013

processing [using the point2line library of Carl Emil Carlsen]
kinect sensor