eyes II


EYES II installation is meant for public spaces and especially places of transition. It is a comment on the constant and omnipresent surveillance of public spaces. It renders visible the invisible gaze of surveillance, that spies the city dwellers without their consent.

The installation consists of numerous videos representing eyes, which are projection-mapped on physical surfaces of the public space. These faceless gazes observe the dwellers and follow their movements. The dwellers are detected by a custom opensource hardware, consisting of interactive sensors embedded in the public space.

“…power had to be given an instrument of permanent, exhaustive, omnipresent surveillance, capable of making all visible… It had to be like a faceless gaze…”. Discipline & Punish, Michel Foucault.


In collaboration with Carlos Castro// Fernanda Almeida


  • The Art Foundation (TAF) – Group Exhibition ‘Things’. Athens, Greece, March-May 2012
  • Moving Frames Festival. Lesvos Island, Greece, September 2011



  • OpenFrameworks
  • Arduino

eyes II