Resonant Paths


‘Resonant Paths’ consists of a public space intervention in the form of a journey. This journey is augmented by interconnected digital narrative fragments, that articulate a dynamic archive of contemporary stories. The dominant narrative of a space is questioned, while people belonging to vulnerable social groups (refugees, homeless and people with disabilities) expose their personal perspective of the city and leave traces of their ephemeral presence. ‘Resonant Paths’ invites visitors to wander in the public space and create a unique narrative by exploring and recomposing the narrative fragments.

The project uses locative technologies (mobile devices with GPS) to augment the cityscape with a layer of digital narratives.


  • Concept & Development: Caterina Antonopoulou & Iro Dimitriou
  • Featuring:  Maria Gatou Eirini Kourouvani Taylan Notak Lefteris-Ramzan Mohammad Giannis Fokas Antonis X. Fotis Y.
  • Thanks to: Ioanna Valsamidou & SYNERGY-O

Software: noTours // Processing (used for the audiowalk simulation)


  • Metamorfosis#1 Group Exhibition. Athens public space, March 2017
  • Interactive installation (audiowalk simulation). Animfest, Romantso, Athens 2017
  • Mediterranean Bodies Group Exhibition. Athens public space, February 2016
  • Interactive installation (audiowalk simulation). The Art Foundation, Athens 2016
  • Interactive installation (audiowalk simulation). Yasemi, Athens 2016




Interactive installation (audiowalk simulation) @ The Art Foundation & Yasemi, 2016


During the production of the narrative fragments (workshops and interviews):