The Voice of a City / Polyphony

Virtual reality (2020-2021)

The Voice of a City/ Polyphony is an interactive walk through a fictional virtual city. The visitor explores an interactive narrative composed by original texts from the archive of The Voice of a City project together with stories written by viewers, contributed through Twitter during December 2020 and January 2021. Viewers’ texts posted on the social media platform appear inside the virtual environment of The Voice of a City/ Polyphony articulating a collaborative and multi-author narrative.

The project The Voice of a City was originally conceived by Nada & Co artistic group. It aimed in investigating how personal (hi)stories uncover larger societal issues. By looking at individual’s everyday contexts and listening to their thoughts on political and social change, the notion of community and belonging, the future, and everything in-between, they attempted to form a map of who inhabits Europe today, what is on their minds and what are the links to history. Based on meetings with taxi drivers, teachers, political activists, lawyers, builders, farmers, and more, mainly living in Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Finland, the UK, Belgium, and France the artists created a kind of archive reflecting the state of affairs today.

The project Polyphony is one of the artistic sub-projects based on the material of The Voice of a City. It was created by in dialogue with Nada Gambier and it was based on texts by Mark Etchells (UK), Thomas Kasebacher (AT), Nada Gambier (FI/BE) and the users of social media, a painting by Eugénie Obolensky and material from The Voice of a City by Nada & Co.

Commissioned by ElectroOpera.tors for the Allothroe Europe project.


Allothroe: Polyphony/Echo/Solidarity group exhibition. Online edition. December 2020

Mind the Fact festival. Online edition. December 2020

The Voice of a City / Polyphony during the online exhibition Allothroe Polyphony / Echo / Solidarity